Ready For It

Jac & Harri

Where typically Dutch, Italian, Spanish and further European territories stand firm in their success of representing big-room and its various offshoots, Jac & Harri have sent rip tides through the scene and placed the UK firmly on the map and no more so than with their thrilling upcoming release ‘Ready For It’.

Commencing their career via the Revealed Recordings community label, set-up to support burgeoning talents and producers via the imprint’s strong foothold and passion, before graduating onto Revealed’s main roster, the duo has succeeded in representing impassioned electro and big-room straight out of the idyllic South of Wales where they hail from. Their previous release ‘Underneath’ featured vocalist of the moment Nino Lucarelli, also known for putting his talents onto productions from KAAZE and Corey James, and has eclipsed 1 million streams and counting, perfectly reflecting not only their collective progressions but overall stellar talent, perfectly suited to the Revealed Recordings roster.

Synth melodies reminiscent of the 90s old-school sound come in to introduce the listener to ‘Ready For It’, the topline soaring above as the pitch-perfect melody, both in delivery and well-suited BPM chosen for the track, ensures that the guys come through with a feel-good, vocal-led anthem that many artists double their junior would be proud of. Along with the second verse, the release nods to trance’s hands-in-the-air euphoria, laced with an electro punch as the big-room build-up overflows with energy, all whilst making their own personal stamp on the track. 

Make sure you get your hands on this sure-fire anthem when it’s released September 18th and keep your ears to the ground for more exciting ventures from the duo soon!

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