Revealed 10 Year Anniversary Remixed


Ten years ago, a new label entered the electronic music scene. Founded by a young Hardwell, the label would elevate from its small beginnings to achieve a global presence that few recording imprints have accomplished. Ten years on, and the label profile is more significant than ever and still acting as a gateway for new music and exciting talent. To celebrate this anniversary, the label is releasing a unique ‘Hardwell - Revealed 10 Year Anniversary Remixed’ album!

Featuring a host of names that include some of the Revealed’s most beloved artists, from Sick Individuals to DR Phunk and Maddix to BLK RSE, as well as Jac & Harri and Drumstone. The album is a look under the hood of what Revealed is about. Connecting the dots by combining the music from label founder Hardwell with the exciting and forward-thinking creativity of the label’s artist roster, the ‘Hardwell - Revealed 10 Year Anniversary Remixed’ album gives fans a double whammy of big room sonics that ebbs and flows between a fusion of the present sounds of the dancefloor.

Hardwell’s mammoth release ‘Being Alive’ featuring JGUAR is one such track on the album release that will indeed have fans fizzing with excitement. Receiving a renewed take on this Revealed gem, ‘Being Alive’ gets the complete Ryos remix treatment which points the track down the anthemic route, ensuring to retain the original’s energy, but adds Ryos’ nocturnal spin on things. Ryos recently appeared on Revealed with his single 'Fool's Gold' alongside HAVOQ and Nino Lucarelli. Having garnered more than 650,000 Spotify streams to date, 'Fool's Gold' marked Ryos’ first single on the label this year with this inclusion on the ‘Hardwell - Revealed 10 Year Anniversary Remixed’ album being his second outing.

For those excited to relive some classic Hardwell memories and share in some interpretations of his biggest hits by some of your favourite Revealed artist’s, the ‘Hardwell - Revealed 10 Year Anniversary Remixed’ album is a must for you!

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