H93⁠ & Koriz⁠ & Arkins

Big Room

Bringing together an amalgamation of genres and styles that transcend borders, H93 and Arkins both present the sound of Seoul to collaborate with Portuguese artist on the rise Koriz, for the colossal rave track ‘Photon’, out this April!

Landing on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, no stranger to championing talent both fresh and established, here the tag team trio on ‘Photon’ enlist harsher strains of elite electronic music to the masses. Think jump-up, bombastic drums, lazer-like synths that shoot like a bullet from a gun, and old school-style oscillations that entrance from start to finish. Combine this with ritualistic, unrelentless breakdowns and technical uproars of the highest order, H93 & Koriz & Arkins have crafted musical mayhem that is sure to take over main stages across the globe!

H93 is a name that may already be familiar to Revealed fans, having released the stand-out track ‘Addicted’ on the ADE Sampler 2023, as well as ‘Stay Focused’ and ‘Naro’ on the imprint that has driven him up the Beatport charts. Koriz follows in similar suit, having released on the imprint alongside NAEMS and flirting with big-room experimentation, even only showcases further his chameleon-like attributes on this new collab, that are sure to signal a long and impressive career for the star on the rise. As Arkins is the final artist here to return to Revealed Recordings, leading on from releases that have drew support in from names including label friend Dannic and Showtek, make no mistake that fans are eagerly awaiting this epic release…

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