Gregor Potter

Gregor Potter returns once again to Gemstone Records with ‘Dementium.’ Featuring powerful synths, meticulous drum sounds, and glistening arpeggios, this emotional masterpiece perfectly complements the Belgian artist’s discography on the label.

Dementium begins with a thrilling, atmospheric break that progresses to a gradual buildup animated by dynamic vocals and slick arpeggiated synths. The track later continues with horn-inspired synths and subtle baselines that drive persistent energy. Crisp percussive hits and vocal chops also help highlight the record.

Hailing from Belgium, DJ/producer Gregor Potter is best known for his multiple tracks on Gemstone and Spinnin Records, which have been supported by Tiesto, Afrojack, and Martin Garrix. His debut track on Gemstone titled ‘Young’ has now accumulated over half a million plays on Spotify.

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