Father 808


Dutch producer Father 808 has been on a solid run of stellar big room techno releases as of late but now the talented selector bring his talents to the famed Revealed Recordings for the release of high-tempo hit ‘BaPhoMet’!

Father 808, or Morad El Ouakili, has been quietly making a name for himself in the big room techno scene for a while now. Releasing tracks like ‘Sonntag’ and ‘Bass On Acid’ have garnered the attention of local circles in his hometown of Arnhem as well as around Europe thanks to releases like this. Father 808 is an artist who blurs the lines between psychedelic and spiritual sounds, pairing that with in industrial sounding heavy techno sonics. What your left with is a unique concoction of dancefloor energy and hard-hitting basslines!

Originally finding inspiration from the likes of Adam Beyer, Hi-Lo, Space 92, Enrico Sanguliano, Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens and others, Father 808 initially found his love for techno through being an avid listener and fan. He studied the scene and all of its top players, informing his journey and decisions he’s made along the way, which have landed him as one the most sought-after upcoming big room techno producers. At the pinnacle of his career comes ‘BaPhoMet’, which recently gained the attention of label boss Hardwell who played the track in his highly-publicised live set at Ultra Miami last month, leading to the track having an official release on Revealed Recordings.

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