Safe House

Dr Phunk⁠

Although no stranger to Revealed, after last month’s massive team up with label head Hardwell ‘Here Once Again’, as well as multiple remixes on the label, Dr Phunk solidifies his everburgeoning reputation with his debut solo output on the label – ‘Safe House’. With previous support from the likes of W&W, Tom Swoon and Blasterjaxx to name a few, ‘Safe House’ is the euphoric, uplifting anthem that fans have come to expect from the prodigious Dutch talent. 

The track is introduced by luscious progressive plucks that open up and perfectly complimenta calming, atmospheric vocal, adding to the unmistakeably shimmering highs that permeate the track throughout. The docile introduction is merely a red herring, as Dr Phunk switches things up with a gliding synth stab that cranks the intensity up a notch and ensures the future hit is as primed for the dancefloor as it is for more chilled settings. Although the summer season may be nearing its end, ‘Safe House’ gives you the perfect soundtrack for catching the last of the summer rays.

After numerous successful outings on Revealed and heavyweight support from some of dance music’s biggest players, Dr Phunk’s first solo output on Revealed is set to ensure Dr Phunkcarries on his upward path to dance stardom. 

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