Dr Phunk⁠ feat. Diandra Faye

Dr Phunk has become a name synonymous with the Revealed Recordings family, bringing his rave-ready anthems and earworm productions to audiences and fans across the globe, he has continued to cast a shining light with multi-platinum accolades and a hugely impressive discography. Now, commencing 2021 in style, he enlists Diandra Faye to pack a punch with the explosive ‘Firebomb’.

Rousing in with a gentle piano melody that moves within the space it creates for an instantly emotive production, Diandra Faye’s vocal instantly commands attention with its soaring tones that draws in the listener, “I’m a dead man walking / you’re a firebomb, firebomb” she declares. Suddenly, the synth-heavy melody is introduced, mirroring that of the vocal tempo, to bring in an effervescent vibe that suddenly flips the switch into electronic territory. Just when you thought you knew the direction the release was heading in, think again, as electric, lightning speed BPMs hijack the production and steer the party into hardstyle territory that doesn’t let you catch your breath, before the-push-and-pull returns for the emotion of Diandra’s lyrics to come back to centre stage.

A truly electrifying release that diverts and enraptures with it’s diversions, not to mention no-holds-barred straddling of genres that makes for a white knuckle ride, make sure you get your hands on ‘Firebomb’ from Dr Phunk featuring Diandra Faye, out this January only via Revealed Recordings!

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