Collaborating on ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ alongside Thomas Newson as his first appearance on Revealed Recordings several years ago, Dutch producer Asonn has upped the ante with releases across Spinnin’ Afrojack’s Wall and Armada bringing a smorgasbord of elements to his sound ranging from the atmospheric and tropical, over to the feel-good and pumping takes on 8-bit big-room, injected with a positivity.

On his first solo release for Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, ‘Dagga’, Asonn packs a punch with a jump-up slice of boisterous EDM linked with urban-tinged vocals and Eastern influences that skip alongside the spacious rhythm. As the breakdown ushers in to allow listeners to catch their breath before flipping the switch and ramping up the multicultural amalgamation to new heights, Asonn showcases his talent for uniting elements with one foot still firmly in the party sphere.

Expect big things when ‘Dagga’ drops from Asonn this December on Revealed Recordings!

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