Back 2 U

Covenants⁠ feat. River

Covenants partner up with River for yet another smash collaboration on Gemstone titled ‘Back 2 U’. Blending an array of heartfelt piano progressions, arps, and catchy vocals, this track strikes the perfect chord for both radio listeners and house aficionados.

‘Back 2 U’ starts off with an emotional vocal verse which rides above a pumping sub-bass. After pianos and rhythmic drums join the breakdown, the track builds up to droning basslines, arpeggiated synths, and a signature vocal hook. Covenants and River switch it up in the second half by introducing rolling bass sounds and new synth melodies.

A regular artist on the Revealed sublabel, UK duo Covenants are best known for tracks like ‘Lovestruck’, ‘I Swear,’ and ‘Deeper Love’ which are close to garnering a million combined streams on Spotify. After emerging from the underground house scene, the duo has now received support from Martin Garrix, Sam Feldt, the Spotify editorial team, and many others.

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