Back 2 Berlin


Big Room

Renowned for his electrifying beats and previous heavy-hitters on Hardwell's Revealed Recordings including 'Insane' and 'Your Embrace', youngster on the up Lister is back with a triumphant return on the epic new ‘Back 2 Berlin’.

Merging hard-hitting big-room and militant techno, this all-new anthem brings together high BPMs, aggressive drums and bold synth lines, to launch an audial assault on the senses. Embodying the essence of underground rave culture, ‘Back 2 Berlin’ catapults listeners into a personified journey through the heart of the city's pulsating nightlife, distorted lyrics ordering to “Take me back/ back to Berlin” putting the listener right into the eye of the musical storm. From the moment the track kicks in and progresses into trance-like breakdowns and an uprising of production talent, it's evident that Lister has crafted a relentless masterpiece designed to captivate audiences and command the mainstage, paying homage to the city's vibrant energy and the fearless spirit of its nightlife.

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