Test Track

ANG⁠ & Ragunde

ANG has cemented his status amongst the Revealed Recordings camp as one to watch and now, joining forces with newcomer Ragunde, sparks fly as they ‘Test Track’ in bringing the sounds of the future into the now. 

Having released ‘Disappear’ and ‘Nova’ on the imprint, Ragunde wastes no time in introducing his German slant to the speeding, dark beat as ANG’s stamp of attitude and uniqueness glimmers throughout the track. Catching the listener off-guard and commencing proceedings with the sound of a car getting set to speed off, the unusual take on sampling forms the basis of the ensuing melody that takes essences of big-room and no-holds-barred, tougher BPMs to show they’re uncompromising from the get go. As synths and keys add a glimmer of light and accelerate forward as the track passes the finish line with a combination of electro-leaning rhythms, it’s a mixture of styles that doesn’t disappoint. 

At still only 17, it’s a testament to not only what the future holds for Ragunde but also the track record of excellence that follows ANG, making for a match made in heaven to showcase on Revealed Recordings. Make sure you get your hands on ‘Test Track;’ May 6th!

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