ANG⁠⁠ ⁠feat. Dyson

Ever since 2017, the power pairing of ANG have boomeranged across the world of electronic music enlisting their special takes on Revealed Recordings previously that include the effervescent, achingly excellent ‘Donut’ with Syzz that flirted with more heavier sounds, as well as the bombastic ‘Alone Tonight’ that elevated electro to new heights with pumping low-ends to acclaim.

Now, returning to Hardwell’s esteemed imprint, featuring Dyson, ANG’s spark has only spread like wildfire on ‘Disappear’. Representing a blazing release that, true-to-form, does anything but fade into the background, ‘Disappear’ constructs a recipe that stands moody and brooding, it’s low-end synth lines barely felt before the ethereal, otherworldly female vocal soars to make the track sound like a sure-fire, radio-ready favourite. Offering up a more vulnerable and pop-leaning take, yet still powering through like a wrecking ball causing destruction come to the chorus with a melody that remains lodged in one’s brain, ‘Disappear’ embodies a confidence that spills out of the speakers and with vocalist Dyson having already amassed multi-million streams on previous hits such as 2018’s ‘Sex Like Me’ – rest assured that his heater is here to brighten up the winter months.

With both ANG and Dyson having amassed support that ranges from artists way beyond big-room, such as Loud Luxury, Afrojack, Nicky Romero and beyond, catch ‘Disappear’ dropping on Revealed Recordings January 29th, 2020!

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