Tony Junior⁠⁠, Futuristic Polar Bears⁠⁠ & SKAZI

Dutch superstar Tony Junior is an enigma in the scene, having looped between high-charting releases with Tiesto, NERVO and DVBBS, he now lands back onto Revealed Recordings with Futuristic Polar Bears and Skazi coming along for the ride!

Leading on from high-class hits including ‘By My Side’ and ‘Take Me Away’, Futuristic Polar Bears have constantly pushed the tempo into overdrive with their big-room meets mainstage sound, as Skazi brings his guitar-led riffs to the forefront. Commencing with tinkering synths that build into a rising effigy of intensity, vocal rips of “everybody lose control!” dictate the motion for an electro-laden melody to override. Pulling the gears into hyperspeed and taking an electro swerve into its direction, ‘Breathless’ sweeps away with senses like no other!

Make sure you get your hands on ‘Breathless’ from Tony Junior, Futuristic Polar Bears & Skazi, out this November only via Revealed Recordings!

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