The Prophecy (KAAZE Remode)

Timmy TrumpetMaddix

After his huge smash collaboration ‘This Is Love’ with Hardwell and the hugely praised-by-fans ‘I’m Coming Home’ that painted a picture of his life in 2018, KAAZE’s original productions and relationship as a mainstay, core artist of the Revealed Recordings roster, continues to excite. Now, with an epic take on Timmy Trumpet & Maddix’s ‘The Prophecy’, he adds a progressive slant to the multi-million streamed original, bringing a fresh take and showcasing his stylist skills for this slick, catchy remode.

Slowing down the kick-drums and rythm of the track allows the raw and rocky influences come to the fore as a point of style that, come the breakdown, is overtaken by vocally-delivered, synth-driven melodies that sound like they’re born straight out of an otherworldly battleground - it really is a schooling in the most rip-roaring and original way to close out 2018 from the European high-flying artist.

Full of bite, grit and energy; make sure you grab KAAZE’s remode of ‘The Prophecy’ when it is released 21st December via Revealed Recordings.

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