Tim Hox

Tim Hox makes an impressive debut on Gemstone Records with ‘Energia.’ Featuring catchy vocals and pumping baselines, the track is entirely reflective of the Dutch artist’s signature
“Hox House” sound.

‘Energia’ begins with a manipulated vocal hook backed by crisp drum sounds. The track quickly builds to a high energy drop featuring analog leads and pristine baselines. Thundering brass sounds and fresh effects later join in the second drop. Tim Hox also plays around with new rhythmic dimensions in the latter half of the track.

Hailing from the Dutch city of Breda, Tim Hox’s distinct house sound has caught the attention of acts such as Don Diablo, Diplo, and Nicky Romero. Hox’s collaboration with Steff de Campo ‘Break it Down’ was recently released on Hexagon Recordings. Keep an eye out for this act as he continues to redefine modern house music!