Syzz⁠ & ANGOfficial

Revealed Recordings once again proves it is at the forefront of cutting edge music, as they welcome Syzz back to the label alongside debutant ANG for the massive ‘Donut’. Returning to Revealed after their last collaboration, ‘Calcutta’ alongside KURA, ‘Donut’ is unmistakeably Syzz, which will draw comparisons with previous Revealed outputs such as ‘Muscular’, a track that is already close to two million streams. ANG, known for releases on big-hitting imprints such as MAXXIMIZE, undoubtedly bring their heat to the table, and the two acts combine to create a match made in heaven.

Whilst the title may be playful, ‘Donut’ is anything but. A tribal groove provides the foundation for the track, paired with snare rolls that instantly crank up the intensity in the breakdown. The drop is preceded by an intelligent, call-to-arms vocal that is sure to whip fans into a frenzy. Glitched-out saw tones and expertly placed electro-tinged stabs provide the melody, before making way for the expertly technical musical glitches that signal the main breakdown. The arrangement gives fans what they want, while leaving just enough to keep them asking for more, showcasing the pair’s ability to get the party started and create big-room bangers.

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