Sick Individuals⁠ & Vigel feat. Nazzereene

A mainstay name synonymous with Revealed Recordings, Sick Individuals are the jump-up, big-room duo that continue to rise with an admirable strength. From ‘Ocean’ this Summer alongside Justin Prime, over to the roaring presence of ‘Ruby’, the pairing now link up with rising Russian producer Vigel feat. Nazzereene for future East-meets-West hit ‘Runaway’.

As Vigel brings his debut infectious touch to the fame Revealed Recordings imprint, laden with the native Sick Individuals sound that rings recognisable yet as fresh and forward-thinking as ever, ‘Runaway’ commences with an electro flavour that stirs with anticipation, creeping up with it’s high-kick of progression and sprints of synth that race for a renegade omission. A key-driven melody line tinkers, crystalline with it’s clarity, acting as a pristine backdrop to Nazzereene’s falsetto, breathy take; “You are the only light n the darkest days / you are my run, run, runaway” she muses before big-room elements takeover, creating a dancefloor supernova that is sure to bring light to listeners.

‘Runaway’ from Sick Individuals & Vigel feat Nazzereene is out October 16th exclusively on Revealed Recordings!

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