Be Cool

Rub!k & Paffendorf

Hailing from London, UK, trance artist Rub!k has captured the intensity and excitement of the genre across releases on ASOT, Armind and more, as he now prepares to debut on Revealed Recordings alongside German group Paffendorf for a 2020 re-up of their seminal classic ‘Be Cool’.

Paffendorf, known for blazing Kontor releases that have spanned over two decades with a harder, faster take on German techno and Euro dance, tracks such as ‘Smile’ and ‘Rhythm and Sex’ cemented them as one of the leading forces of the nineties and noughties scene. Now, as Rub!k instills his take for a collaboration of epic grandeur, 2020’s ‘Be Cool’ holds all the cards of a royal flush thanks to pumping double-time beats, industrial percussion and waves of high-pitched, racing synths that take the listener on a journey. Nodding to the original sound that propelled Paffendorf to superstardom status, melodies that have been stimulated further by trance troupes, which when interspersed with recognisable “Everybody be cool!” glitching vocals, are then accelerated thanks to pounding, weighty drum kicks and hands-in-the-air collisions that reap rewards and will have audiences, both past and present, buzzing with anticipation.

Rub!k & Paffendorf’s – ‘Be Cool’ is released 27th November, only on Revealed Recordings!

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