Rich Edwards⁠ & CHRNS feat. Alessia Labate

Swedish DJ/ producer Rich Edwards is no stranger to the Revealed Recordings family, cutting his teeth across epic releases such as ‘Do It Again’ and ‘Quiet Sound’ alongside Manse that drew in support from label head Hardwell and Martin Garrix, Edwards now unites with CHRNS to keep the party ‘Alive’.

CHRNS has striked with a ferocity recently, lending his remix skills to spin Sick Individual’s ‘Not Alone’ into a frenzy as his solo releases including ‘In Your Head’ have dazzled, yet here with the consolidation of both of the European producers’ skills, they showcase the power of collaboration through big-room flexing and powerful energy. Instigating with an insanely catch rhythm, steadied by drum patterns that don’t back down, as lazer-like synths shoot out of the speakers and the tempos rise, the duo turn 180 on their heels to bring a melancholic, atmospheric body to the release. “I’m not afraid of dying/ As I just wanna feel alive” the feminine vocal articulates with a youthful passion before mainstage-style melodies erupt into the ultimate, hands-in-the-air anthem that brings the party straight to your ears.

Get ready to feel-good and spring your step into Autumn when ‘Alive’ is released from Rich Edwards & CHRNS – only via Revealed Recordings this October!

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