Rave Anthem

REGGIO⁠ & Futuristic Polar Bears

Uruguay-by-way-of-Spain artist REGGIO has dazzled across releases with Danny Avila, Sandro Silva, Mike Bond and more, as now, leading on from over 10 double-digit releases on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, he is joined by Futuristic Polar Bears to bring the ultimate ‘Rave Anthem’ to warm up the winter months.

Futuristic Polar Bears are one of the most-recognisable names in the game, regularly blazing into the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s Poll and releasing their applauded full-length LP ‘The Biggest’ via Spinnin’, the Dutch jump-up pairing have continued to wow audiences across Revealed releases for years with the likes of ‘Rampage’ and more – readying listeners to be poised for a union of two epic acts.

Activating with a “This is the Rave Anthem” call-to-arms before an air-raid-style siren amps up the aggression and urgency, ushering in a countdown as rhythms race with a tension that accelerates exponentially. Then, reinforcing an out-of-this-world concept that prepares to blast off to another dimension that, come the breakdown, showcases the atmospheric link-up of punctuated beats that flash through rather than ambush the speakers, commands of “tonight, we rave, we roll” inviting in the audience before assembling a speeding lift-off once more; make sure you get set to join the troops and prepare for launch with REGGIO & Futuristic Polar Bears – ‘Rave Anthem’ – out this November via Revealed Recordings!

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