Sweet Harmony

Plastik Funk⁠, Dario Trapani⁠, Ivan Cappello⁠ feat. SH3

Deep House

With one of his most illustrious years yet throughout 2021, Plastik Funk has further shone a light on his unique and signature brand of fun-leaning and club-ready house music – from rising up the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s Poll marking him amongst the best in the world, his releases have gleamed across imprints including Spinnin’, Future House Music and of course, Hardwell’s famed Revealed Recordings. Now, entering 2022 with a fresh perspective and a plethora of weapons in his arsenal, he returns to the Revealed family to bring some ‘Sweet Harmony’ to the new year! Showing not only his individual talents as a standalone producer, Plastik Funk is known for his effortless merger of talents through collaboration and for ‘Sweet Harmony’ he is linking up with Dario Trapani and Ivan Cappello feat. SH3 to truly get the party started!

Commencing with a revolving, deep-toned beat that sets the introductory tempo of one that hunkers down and allows for a key-led, classic-house-leaning melody to come in and take hold, as synthlines rise alongside all elements, it’s evident from the get-go that ‘Sweet Harmony’ is certified dancefloor ammunition. As vocalist SH3’s sensational vocal adds a further depth and richness to this future anthem, "Is it wright or wrong/ trying to find a place we can all belong?" thanks to searching for a ‘Sweet Harmony’ reflects the positive notion throughout, all wrapped in a peak-time-ready bow.

Not content with just one production, Plastik Funk is also unleashing his Club Edit as part of this exclusive double-heater! Take the edit’s piano-heavy melody that leans to memories and attributes that are classic with the genre, skittering back and forth to stand unmistakably present, as breakbeat-style flirtations come into the fold, barely there and rising underneath but clear enough to push the release further into the depths of the night. Breaking up the original’s verses with flourishes of tighter-winding synth notes and a chopped vocal edit that builds and builds before erupting into a true moment of euphoria, both ‘Sweet Harmony’ and Plastik Funk’s Club Edit are both setting his intentions for 2022 in fine style.

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