Drumatic EP


Leading on from his third collaboration BonRen this September, that signified them as anything but ‘Outsiders’, NAEMS now returns with his first EP for Revealed Recordings following his debut release on the main label to bring his three-track ‘Drumatic’ EP to life.

Also collaborating with three stellar artists across the trio of tracks, NAEMS showcases the power of union that his strengths lie within, as well as his own shimmering, no-holds-barred take to inject the recipe of the EP with a flourish of styles and flavours. Lifting off with ‘The Greatest’ alongside bass maestro Highup, they take slowly oscillating beats that pack a punch when linked with spooky synths that roam in demanding attention with an urban flow of distorted vocals. “Who Am I? I’m The Greatest!” leaving no doubt to their self-assuredness that when paired with made-for-the-streets rhythms, is an introductory triumph.

For his second slice of musical mania, he pairs up with German electro-house producer Kuyano for the play-on-words title of ‘Percasso’, merging chants with racing synths and abrasive melodies that act as an onslaught to the senses, link with rudeboy spits to deliver in an almost tribal sense of sound, before recasting the net to bring it back to boisterous, heavy-handed electro, it’s a melding of two minds that offers up a refreshing take. Finally, connecting with STVW for the spicy ‘Habanero’, the release proves the praised and conclusive piece of the puzzle, dashing and zooming synths generating speed and excitement as come the breakdown, knock-out worthy drum patterns and experimentation away from typical track formations sees the duo spin out of their comfort zone in the best possible way. Inflections of Spanish guitar take hold come the second half, adding a lightness before the rhythm once again pushes the tempo and ‘Habanero’ grows into a fully-fledged head-pounder.

Showcasing his love for the strength and experimentation of heavy bass, interesting vocals that spark conversation and a big-room, electro basis that ensures none of these three tracks will go unnoticed, make sure you get your hands on NAEMS stellar ‘Drumatic’ EP – out this November!

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