NAEMS⁠ & BonRen

Argentinian BonREN and Austrian NAEMS are bridging the transatlantic gap between sounds and spheres and do so with sniper-like precision on their latest collab ‘Outsider’.

Leading on from when they previously shined and worked to ‘Light Up The Night’ on a big-room free download via Revealed Recordings, the pairing now combines forces yet again to show that their anything but the ‘Outsider’, bringing panache and style. Commencing with a tuned-up, spinning topline that slices through the swirling and clear-cut beats, it delivers as hypnotic before darting forth to push tempos higher through synth lines that grow, before bracing for the impending, stylistic drop. Unforgiving in its direction and taking sparkling, lucid melodies to new dizzying heights, punctuated with just a whisper of trap-influenced breakdowns come the final third, it’s an earworm of unmistakable energy from the growing, rising twosome.

NAEMS and BonRen release ‘Outsider’ only on Revealed Recordings this September!

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