MOTVS⁠ & Kosimo


Brace yourselves for a sonic fusion unlike any other as MOTVS and Kosimo unleash their latest creation, "Harmonic," under the Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, dropping this May!

 In a world saturated with sounds, this collaboration emerges as a beacon of innovation, promising to reshape the very fabric of electronic music. "Harmonic" transcends the conventional constraints of genre, offering a kaleidoscopic blend of pummeling techno and underground sounds. This is not merely a track; it's an alchemical concoction that distills the essence of a new school techno genre, into a potent elixir for the ears. From the first resonance, "Harmonic" pulls you into its gravitational field, where rhythms pulse like heartbeats and melodies criss-cross into a whole new form, orchestral and rich in tone.

 It's a symphony of contrasts – a delicate balance between euphoria and introspection, chaos and order, past and future. With each layer meticulously crafted, "Harmonic" is a testament to their boundless creativity and relentless pursuit of musical perfection. Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the quest for transcendence, and an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of sound, as a reminder that true art knows no boundaries and that the only limit is the imagination.

Harmonic - MOTVS⁠ & Kosimo⁠ 
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