Just Noise

Mark Sixma


Renowned electronic dance music artist Mark Sixma is set to make an electrifying return to the forefront of the global dance scene with his latest big-room techno release, ‘Just Noise’ – out on the 27th July!

Known for his trailblazing style and diverse musical explorations, Mark Sixma showcases his versatility in ‘Just Noise’, creating a raw and raucous big-room techno track. Maintaining an essence of fun, the track playfully teases the haters of the electronic scene as futuristic vocals repeat ‘It’s not music, it’s just noise’. Underpinned by pulverising beats, relentless progression and electrifying synthlines, ‘Just Noise’ creates an atmosphere of raw energy that promises to send crowds into a euphoric frenzy.

Mark Sixma is an acclaimed DJ and producer, known for pushing the boundaries of trance, techno, and progressive genres. Hailing from Breda, the city esteemed for producing some of the globe’s greatest electronic talents including Hardwell and Tiësto, Sixma has boasted a successful music career that spans almost two decades. The Dutch don returns to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, as 2023 sees him embark on a new project to cut all ties with genre restrictions. His single ‘Decibels’ marked the first instalment and garnered acclaim from fans and industry heads alike; now he releases ‘Just Noise’ to follow its prodigious path.

As part of the esteemed Revealed Recordings family, the Mark Sixma’s ‘Just Noise’ is poised to dominate mainstages worldwide from the 27th July 2023!

Just Noise - Mark Sixma⁠ 
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