Like This


Lyger makes his debut on Gemstone Records with a tech-house powerhouse titled ‘Like This.’ Featuring catchy vocal one-liners, punchy drums, and buzzing baselines, this track is the perfect addition to any underground set.

Effortlessly transitioning from the buildup into pulsing bass patterns and sizzling top melodies, ‘Like This’ gets straight to the point. Stuttering synths and looped vocals transport listeners into an inevitable groove while shimmering effects stimulate uncontrollable tension. Lyger spices up the second drop with rolling baselines and atmospheric twinkles.

Hailing from Israel, Lyger is an upcoming DJ/producer with a focus on forward-thinking Tech House rhythms. At the age of 23, he studied music production in Tel Aviv, where he learned to perfect his craft. Keep an eye out Lyger as he continues to impress with his tech house mastery.

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