Born To Rave (MorganJ Remix)

Lumberjack⁠ & Almero

Rising French duo Lumberjack have continued to permeate the electronic music space thanks to bursting productions that have landed them esteemed positions with official releases on Warner Music Talent, such as ‘Warriors’ and ‘Drop On The Ground’. Now levitating to another plane alongside fellow Frenchman Almero – who eagle-eyed Revealed Recordings fans may recognise – as MorganJ re-ups their ‘Born To Rave’ release for a white-knuckle ride!

Shining bright and following on collaborations with Oliver Heldens and releases across Mixmash and Hexagon, MorganJ dives headfirst into an otherworldy edit that encompasses big-room energy, heavy with a funky and intergalactic twist. Introducing the edit with a vibrating beast of a vocal that proclaims “we are born to rave /welcome to the game”, the ensuing drop of thumping bass and two-time beats, cascades over a rattling chromatic melody for a dance-floor ready anthem to close out the Summer. 

Slipstreaming into syths that zipline and weave throughout the bold testaments felt, make sur you get your hands on MorganJ’s remix of Lumberjack & Almero’s ‘Born To Rave’, coming this September only via Revealed Recordings!

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