Out Of The Circus

Killer Clowns

Never afraid to experiment, Revealed Recordings latest release sees the imprint join forces with viral sensations Killer Clowns to unleash the hauntingly chilling ‘Out Of The Circus’, just in time to soundtrack Halloween fright-fests around the world. Killer Clowns have reached viewers worldwide with millions of plays on their Youtube prank channel, and the clowns are this time set to frighten audiences globally with their Halloween focused debut offering.

The track leaves no room to breathe, as the pounding drum is joined by a relentless saw bass that prepares listeners for the horror that is to come. An eerie vocal quickly enters the fray in the breakdown, which will send shivers down the spine and leave ravers looking for the nearest safe place. The reminiscent, circus style ticking minor melody only serves to increase the impending doom as the tempo increases towards the main event. A fitting Killer clown vocal signals the drop, which will leave fans with a sense of relief as the ripping synth line allows them to concentrate on dancing. 

Killer Clowns have ventured from their usual premise of providing people with viewing frights, turning their considerably freaky heads to compiling a Halloween edit that is set to ignite fright-night at Halloween parties across the land this year.

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