The Citadel


Having earlier collaborated on Revealed Recordings this Summer with the epic ‘Libertalia’, KEVU and Giftback unite once more and bring epic soundscapes on ‘The Citadel’ released this September.

Procuring racing, big-room synthlines that flourish across the melody whilst retaining it’s biting sense of urgency, ‘The Citadel’ teases in with a push-and-pull tension before exploding into a ball of big-room excitement. Merging banging synths with sensational shimmers of beats and bass-injections to bring the power, ‘The Citadel’ surpasses expectations delivering as bold and bright as anything they’ve created thus far.

With a relentless momentum that doesn’t quit and a colossal, unique take on pristine big-room, make sure you get your hands on ‘The Citadel’ from KEVU & Giftback, out this September only on Revealed Recordings!

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