After a stellar year that saw Revealed Recordings family member KAAZE release his debut album ‘DREAMCHILD’ – a wild ride of rock-influenced takes on big-room that embraced external influences with ease – the Swedish producer now returns to the imprint with ‘KAAZEMAS’; an exclusive month-long drop of free, advent calendar-style downloads!

Poised to release both never-before-heard-tracks and revamped, eclectic versions of those already known and loved by fans, KAZZE flips them into both instrumental and extended cuts, primed with fresh ideas and bursting with energy. Take the instrumental mix of opener ‘Eye Of The Storm’ that pounds in with muted beats before accelerating the energy with a catchy-as-hell bassline and riffs to take it to another plane. ‘Eye of the Storm (Anthem version) ’ follows in a similar nature as it flashes it’s teeth with attitude, a face-screw worthy melody elevating through space, allowing the listener to really appreciate the production value.

Acapellas also prove a welcome rest bite in contrast to the dancefloor-ready anthems, charged with emotion and simplistic beauty; take the Jonathan Mendelsohn-featuring ‘Poison Lips’ that when stripped-back raises the hairs on the back of the listener’s necks, ‘Up In Smoke’ and original The Doors-sampling ‘Eye Of The Storm’ becomes a concoction of harmonising, layered vocals and higher-reaching ends of talent.

Never-before-heard ‘Less Is More’ zooms in with funky blasts of synth that shoot like laze beams, before an infectious synth-leading melody drives forth for a positive injection of big-room for KAAZE’s favoured use of  guitar riffs add a sensational, ear-pricking moment to the release. ‘Milk Man 2019’, set to be a stand-out of ‘KAAZEMAS’, comes in like a tornado with all the elements of a classic, sexy rock’n’roll anthem before spiralling notes of synth and  stadium-worthy drums round-out the depth as the hump-up anthem shreds across the finish line.

Speaking on the event, the man himself said: “Last year, without the help of anyone, I created the idea of my very first KAAZEMAS calendar which was such a big success I decided to do it again. I had released everything through my Dropbox for free for all my fans. This year, I recreated it in a bigger way with Revealed also joining me on the project to take it to the next level!”. He continued to show his love and constant thanks for his fans and their support throughout 2019, stating “It’s very important to listen to your fans and their requests. I’ve seen a lot of fans asking for Acapellas and Instrumentals from my album ‘DREAMCHILD’, and to give my calendar that exclusive feeling, I’m releasing unreleased songs that many fans have been waiting for over the years!”.

Keep up with the mammoth 25-track drop, jam-packed with edits, acapellas and all-new originals yet to be released as an advert calendar treat for fans and producers alike, with one track dropping daily up until December 25th! All tracks will be free to download with new “presents” being added throughout the festival season at revealedrecordings.com and who knows, there may also be some exclusive videos and visuals coming to a screen near you...

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