ShowKaaze Vol. 3


KAAZE has really stamped his own mark on the dance music scene in recent returns, and he drops his latest offering on Revealed Recordings with ‘ShowKaaze Vol. 3’. KAAZE debuted on the label with ‘Tell Me’, which hit #2 on Beatport, and in 2017 KAAZE made waves with ‘Triplet’, which was named the Miami ID of the year. With high profile collaborations such as ‘We Are Legends’ with Hardwell, and the latest in his standout ShowKaaze EP’s, KAAZE is on the brink of a breakout year and ready to catapult into the stratosphere.

ShowKaaze Vol. 3 kicks off with the anthemic BLK RSE Mix of ‘Born To Die’. This is punctuated by choral vocals at the beginning and hard-hitting keys, which set the epic tone. The track has a vintage aesthetic, filled with old-school drum hits which sit alongside interesting synth lines that run throughout.

The BLK RSE Mix of ‘Come With Me’ is up next, signalling a departure from the mythical feel of ‘Born To Die’, replaced by electronic elements which cleverly play with guitar tones and a ripping saw wave lead which makes the second single primed for main room audiences.

The EP closes with the BLK RSE Mix of ‘Champion’, set against heavily reverbed vocal drawls and a gliding synth and glistening chords. War drums once again help create an atmosphere of epic proportions, setting the stage for the crescendo of the release. This comes in the form of a catchy hook that is in keeping with the theme of the other tracks, culminating in a cohesive trio of tracks that work well together, and are sure to fit seamlessly into main stage sets of the biggest DJ’s for months to come!

With support from Hardwell, Afrojack and Timmy Trumpet to name a few, it’s clear KAAZE’s music is hitting all the right notes and gaining attention from some of dance music’s biggest stars. ‘ShowKaaze Vol. 3’ showcases KAAZE’s musical evolution, providing three tracks which encapsulate where he is as an artist right now.

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