IIWII & Kirsty Grant

IIWII and Kirsty Grant present their debut track on Gemstone Records titled 'Yourself.' Fusing modern pop vocals and nostalgic house pianos, the track provides a fresh take on electronic pop music while staying true to the classic house sound.

'Yourself' begins with filtered piano chord progressions and Grant's distinctive pop vocals. Pulsating deep basslines later signal the record's buildup before it drops into classic house drum patterns, soulful piano progressions, and catchy lead melodies.

'Yourself' marks the first collaboration between industry newcomers IIWII and Kirsty Grant. Scottish vocalist and performer Kirsty Grant is known for tracks such as "I'm the One" which released earlier in March 2019. Grant is now based in London where she continues to pursue an exciting career in commercial pop music.

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