As an exclusive Revealed artist, Ryos continually wows his peers and fans with a maturity way beyond his 21 years. From the latest knock-it-out-of-the-park release ‘Two Of Us’ that boasted a further VIP edit from the artist himself, as well as support from Hardwell and Afrojack, he now brings the ‘Heat’ with a white-hot follow-up.

Commencing with a searing flash of synths and a directional countdown that urges every listener from the front to the back to get loose, Ryos turns up the temperature with a bass-in-your-face ferocity, morphing from blazing electro and tempos that rise, into a chopped n screwed take on trap come the second half as a stroke of genius that surprises. Rudeboy spits jump into the mix as the track escalates to its apex, erupting in a sheer explosion of power.

Don’t miss out when Ryos brings the ‘Heat’ to Revealed Recordings, out June 5th!

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