Desolation EP


Big Room

Dutch DJ and producer duo HAVOQ release a collection of tracks, bursting with emotionally charged vocals and euphoric electro house production in the form of a three track EP ‘Desolation’ via Revealed Recordings. 

HAVOQ have described their own sound as melodic yet energetic, emotional but raw. This brief description seamlessly encompasses the feel of this 3 track EP. 2 tracks utilise a female vocal which explore themes of love, heartbreak and passion which is then perfectly blended with blissful electro house, taking listeners on a journey with expertly crafted suspenseful bridges and exhilarating drops. Whilst the last track ends the EP with an explosive burst.

The duo met at the famed Café Janssen in the Netherlands and instantly connected due to their shared passion for electronic music and nightlife. Since beginning to create music in 2018 they have gone on to collaborate with promising talents and big names, including Futuristic Polar Bears. Their collaboration with Ryos, ‘Fools Gold’, currently boasts 1 million Spotify streams.

The opening EP track ‘What We Have’, alongside up and coming Norwegian producer XanTz and vocalist Alessa, combines lyrics, drenched with longing and passion with high energy electro house production. The result is a euphoric yet emotive anthem with the striking vocals perfectly complimenting the stripped back breaks in-between the adrenaline-charged drops.

The second track ‘Stay Awake’ is a collaboration alongside two promising producers, Deagon and Rion, and continues the high energy vibe of this EP. This track stands out due to the highly distinctive vocals and explores a more progressive and melodic style. Lastly, ‘Odessey’ alongside Mad Miguel finishes the project off with a different and unique sound. This instrumental Big Room track is vibrant, aggressive, and raw, characteristic of the 18-year-old collaborators sound. This track completes the EP, resulting in a well-rounded and dynamic project.

HAVOQ make use of an array of up-and-coming international talent alongside their own skilled production throughout this EP, ensuing a collection of characteristics yet distinctive tracks which each capture the listeners attention.

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