Wait For You

Futuristic Polar Bears, Kess Ross & Robbie Rosen

Futuristic Polar Bears, Kess Ross, and Robbie Rosen team up for a massive deep house collaboration titled ‘Wait For You’. As the track combines luscious vocals with atmospheric synths and analog-inspired basslines, it’s clear that each collaborator has added their personal touch.

‘Wait For You’ immediately jumps into an energetic breakdown driven by a pumping kick and ambient synths. The track later progresses into a vocal hook backed by a harmonic bass, before building up to a drop featuring a hard-hitting bassline and melodic vocal chops.

Futuristic Polar Bears are no new name to the Revealed Family. Their tracks like ‘With Your Love’ and ‘Madness” have proved to be massively successful through the main label. The duo has also released on labels such as Smash the House, Protocol Recordings, and Spinnin’ Records. Kess Ross is an American DJ/producer with a residency at Playboy New York, and regularly graces the stage at Tomorrowland and Ultra with Futuristic Polar Bears. Robbie Rosen is an internationally recognized singer/songwriter who has amassed over 7 million streams.

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