It Ain't Over

Funk MachineTaku-Herobullysongs

Funk Machine & Taku-Hero return to Gemstone Records with a vibrant anthem titled ‘Ain't It Over’ featuring distinguished vocalist BullySongs. The record marks their third collaboration together, further proving the strong chemistry between the budding electronic artists.

‘Ain't It Over’ begins with nostalgic pianos and anthemic vocals from BullySongs. Warm electric guitar strums drive the track to a drop featuring lush chord progressions and dynamic vocal chop melodies. Funk Machine & Taku-Hero mix it up in the second breakdown by fusing vocoders and beautiful vocal harmonies.

Russian duo Funk Machine and Japanese Taku-Hero recently teamed up for their track ‘Something’ released on Gemstone Records. The release later received a huge remix package on Revealed featuring artists such as Quintino, Manse, and RetroVision. UK based vocalist BullySongs is known for collaborating on smash hits with artists such as Don Diablo, Armin van Buuren, and MOTi.

Grab your copy of ‘Ain't It Over’ out on all platforms now!