Dastic⁠ & Tommy Jayden

Leading on from Tommy Jaden’s remix of Dastic’s ‘Pump It Up’, over to the pair collaborating on the fire release ‘Find You’, the dup now unite to bring you ‘Closer’ with Revealed Recordings.

Dutch producer Dastic is no stranger to the scene having already executed blinding releases via Spinnin’ and Generation Hex, he now stands tall with an influx of energy, which when merged with Tommy Jaden’s knack for rupturing, bombastic beats, creates a concoction that can only be described as “epic”. Bringing in a 4/4 beat that is as direct as it is pumping, street-influenced zips of synth flash through as the melody builds for muted, oscillated vocals morph into sensual deliveries, “Baby, won’t you come a little closer” drawing the listener in. Then, evolving into a down and dirty, dank-driven whirlwind of bass-in-your-face beats that fluctuate between low-ends and reverberating vibrations, the building atmospherics come the bridge take hold, bringing in essences of big-room and rising, powerful beats.

Spinning on an axis that orbits dance music, electronic vibrance and a sure-time peak anthem, make sure you get your hands on Dastic & Tommy Jaden’s ‘Closer’ – out only via Revealed Recordings this October!

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