D3FAI⁠ & NGD Project

Honoring his 10th release for Reveled Recordings makes D3FAI no stranger to the label, fizzing with ideas and a unique poise for bringing highly developed productions to the front line, the Argentian hit maker returns to get things ‘Rockin’ with Italian duo NGD Project.

Hold on for the ride as robotic interludes sizzle to deliver an almost intergalactic rhythm, electro clash beats rising and merging with rising tempos and an unmatched energy; it’s a merger of double trouble from the artists that uniquely moulds together their sounds without losing an ounce of power. As garish beats spill over into a big-room, weighty onslaught that gets the party started, the second half of the release evolves into a melody-driven, stark banger that will leave listeners in equal awe and no doubt aching for the ensuing festival months.  

Don’t get left behind and make sure you’re ‘Rockin’ with the best, when D3FAI & NGD Project unleash their next release on Revealed Recordings, out April 8th!

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