Snatch It

Costa Leon⁠ & JAMZ

Costa Leon returns to Gemstone Records with a huge modern tech house banger. Featuring creative vocal phrases, infectious bass lines, and rumbling leads, this track is a guaranteed ride into house heaven. Starring gated synth leads, a fun spoken-word breakdown, and groovy bass rhythms, 'Snatch It' is undeniably a head bopper. Adding to its non-stop energy, percussive hits and triumphant brass stabs are also sprinkled throughout the record. 'Snatch It' marks the second single from Swedish producer Costa Leon on Gemstone. Leon previously released 'On Replay' which recently hit over 800k plays on Spotify. 

The DJ/producer is known for writing and co-producing Swedish hits such as "Shuffla" which received a double platinum certification from Warner Music and went No.1 for several weeks on the Swedish top charts. This record marks JAMZ's debut release.

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