Nobody Else

Charles B⁠ & JustmylØrd

Charles B and Justmylørd are a pairing of renegade French producers that have stood in fantastic steed solo, just as much as together. Take for instance their own individual releases across Protocol and Fedde Le Grand’s Darklight, as well as the storming remix of Carl Nune’s ‘Love Drug’, as now the pairing come together once more to bring excellence to their Revealed Recordings debut with ‘Nobody Else’.

Launching off with an electro, grooving instillation of beats that lean towards the deeper and the progressive, hyper-edited vocals give an otherworldly feel that push towards the intergalactic with their high-pitched delivery, synths and drum pads layering in to create a stunning concoction of pumping yet sensual dance music. Adapting guitar flecks further into the electronic realm come the breakdown, making space for the vocal to take centre-stage, multiple veneers of rhythms that build and build to resonate a stirring and epicurean levels of emotion.

Already receiving early support from the likes of Armada’s Morgan Page and more, expect great things when Charles B & Justmylørd’s ‘Nobody Else’ drops this November!

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