Younger Than I've Ever Been

Brainheart⁠ feat. Ben Chaverin

Brainheart makes his debut on Gemstone Records with ‘Younger Than I’ve Ever Been’ featuring vocals from Ben Chaverin. Emphasizing emotion, the Israeli producer/DJ effortlessly combines soul-stirring melodies with powerful synth leads in this sensational production.

‘Younger Than I’ve Ever Been’ starts with ambient guitar plucks supporting Ben Chaverin’s angelic vocal verse. Percussive instruments join the breakdown before a light synth melody builds up to a drop consisting of heart-warming synths and powerful chord progressions.

Hailing from Beer Sheva, Israel, Brainheart is a fairly new name to the scene. Colorful melodies, powerful drops, and masterful mixes best characterize his style, as found in his tracks like ‘Explore the World’ and ‘A Wake Up Call’. Be sure to keep an eye out for Brainheart as he rises to the top of the industry!

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