Tokyo Seven (KAAZE Mix)


Leading on from ‘Everything I Need’ and ‘Want You Back’ introducing KAAZE’s BLK RSE project to the world with support from a stellar cast of names including Revealed head Hardwell, David Guetta and W&W, the multi-faceted artist now returns with his BLK RSE – ‘Tokyo Seven (KAAZE Mix)’ to keep the Summer thumpin’.

Powering up with an extended, glowing synth line that mutates into 80s nods of retro, dramatic soundscapes through its melody, gargantuan keys swell in before the track continues to thrive, more animated and layered with each polished addition that erupts with attitude. Nodding to the progressive with big-room at its heart, KAAZE spins an elevated, power-driven sound that would work across livestreams and sets from the underground, to the main stage, navigating through classy, crystallised takes of dance for 2020; KAAZE has proven his worth in many exceptional stances throughout the industry over the past few years, with his BLK RSE project being the next creative outpouring with gleaming results.

Make sure you get your hands on BLK RSE’s ‘Tokyo Seven (KAAZE Mix)’ only via Revealed Recordings this August!

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