Blackcode⁠ & Feerty⁠ feat. Marina Lin

As one of the most reputable labels within the dance music industry, Hardwell’s very own Revealed Recordings have released their ‘Presents Progressive EP Vol 2’ following the success of ‘Vol 1’ back in January this year. Showcasing even more of the freshest talent on the label, the collection of new tracks perfectly highlights the progressive leaning side of Revealed Recordings’ latest influx of artists.

The EP kick starts with Blackcode&Feerty ft Marina Lin with ‘Gravity’. With an airy and ethereal opening, synths drift over the beat to mimic the feeling of gravity and the ambient track is complimented by soft vocals, before diving into a lively drop that soon dominates the track.‘Let Me Go’ follows next on the EP, as YARO, Nanno ft. I AM KARATE take the listener through a series of expertly created builds and drops; varying the dynamics throughout the track. With a plethora of musical knowledge behind him, YARO’s talent of composing and producing modern dance music has lead to him DJ-ing for huge crowds all over the world.

Throughout the EP, each track stands out in its own right. Wasback& Deakin XD focus on opening ‘Take Me Back’ around the percussion instrumental, before quickly switching things up in the song with a melodic chord-driven pop track momentarily. With emotive lyrics, the progressive elements are added back into the track as the verse continues, before Wasback& Deakin XD craft a powerful and emotive drop as the track spirals into an anthem.

DOMENO & Karl Sylver are last to appear on the EP with their track ‘I Can Tell’. With a heavier introduction than the other tracks on the EP, airy sounds float around the beat. Drafting in Garrett Raff on vocals too, it makes a unique change to the usual female vocals on progressive tracks. Following each drop, all other elements drop out except other-worldly synths that eerily dominate, providing the perfect conclusion to this top-tier selection of tracks.

Previous releases from this shaping collection of artists have gained support from the likes of David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Yves V, Tiësto, Martin Garrix, and Afrojack to name just a few. So, make sure you get your copy of ‘Revealed Recordings Presents Progressive EP Vol 2 when it’s released on the July 12th on Revealed Recordings.

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