Darkness Into Light EP


Progressive House

Blackcode and Aster are ready to lift-off into space with Heleen on Revealed Recordings with their epic progressive house EP ‘Darkness Into Light’.

Delivering a futuristic and space operatic momentum, ‘Darkness Into Light’ is hugely iconic in its sound shifting progressive melodies and array of songs. Such notable records ‘Till The Stars Come Out’ and ‘Devil Looks After His Own’ displays spectacular percussive intros and pre-drop builds followed by beautiful guitar and pad intros accompanied by the vocal talents of Heleen, who enchants and mesmerises the listeners, ‘Darkness Into Light’ is guaranteed to make contact with the inhabitants of galaxies far and wide. The EP throughout leads you into progressive well-crafted chops and drops that tell a lover’s story with exciting musical changes courtesy of the production talents in this exceptional trio.

Italian DJ and Producer Blackcode is ready to show the world his progressive sound. The young maestro is already making headway in the industry, achieving millions of streams across platforms with significant releases on Revealed Recordings and Proximity. With co-signs from megastar DJs such as David Guetta, Afrojack and collaborations with the legendary producer Dash Berlin there is no stopping the Italian stallion.

Popular DJ Aster has become somewhat of a respected figure in the EDM area of Korea, combining a sensational and unique mash-up sound based on electro house. Playing iconic clubs in Gangnam, Seoul and performing at Spectrum Dance Music Festival and Waterbomb, the Korean wonder kid is ready to influence the EDM culture

Dutch-born Heleen has been writing songs for many years, with significant collaborations within the EDM community bringing an emotional yet athematic presence to her featuring’s. With support from industry icons like Hardwell and Martin Garrix, every song comes from a place embedded into her heart, and no doubt that feeling translates into millions of streams on Spotify, Heleen is undoubtedly one to watch for 2022.

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