Ex To See



Avao are back with their next future rave release ‘Ex To See’ out via Revealed Recordings on the 16th March 2023

Avao’s newest single incorporates elements of both main stage and hard techno, creating the perfect synergy of future rave sonics. An intoxicating main stage melody is crafted through futuristic synths that climb and flicker throughout the complex layering of the track. While the hard techno influenced pounding drums are enough to get your heartbeat racing. ‘Ex To See’ contains explosive drops with high energy, the perfect festival soundscape.

The Dutch duo comprised of Levi Kotten and Stijn Rutte started producing together in 2010, where Avao was born. Fusing their respective sounds, with Kotten’s influences inspired by trance while Stijn’s inspired by house, the duo have created their signature sonic, perfectly combining elements of the genres. The playful pair have gained recognition for their unique synergy and high-energy performances, with multiple tours under their belt, including selling out every show of their previous Australian tour, and gaining support from titans in the electronic scene Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren and many more. The duo continue to release music that push the boundaries of genre confines, their tracks a perfect match for the high energy performances that they’re known to provide.

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