Get ready to be swept off your feet as AVAO, the electrifying Dutch duo known for their explosive beats and effervescent yet dark sound, prepares to drop their latest bombshell, ‘BANG’, on Revealed Recordings!

Scheduled to detonate on April 26th, this track promises to revolutionize the dance scene with its raw, unfiltered techno power. With 'BANG,' we're cranking up the intensity and reshaping the techno landscape. From the ground-shaking bass to the relentless percussion, every element of this track is designed to grab you by the collar and never let go. Launching into a whirlwind of sound, where the only thing that matters is the beat pulsating through veins, creates a sound that hits like a sledgehammer, all wrapped up into a final, crescendo of a breakdown that will melt the mind.

 As part of the esteemed Revealed Recordings family, AVAO is poised to make waves on a global scale. With a reputation for delivering main stage crushing and set-smashing hits – including ‘Text Me’, ‘Ex To See’ and many more -  their energy and creativity are unparalleled, and 'BANG' is proof of that.

 Get ready for a seismic shift in the dance scene, when AVAO yet again bring more to the techno regime this April, getting the season off to a ‘BANG’!

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