Chasing Bliss

ANG⁠ & Blackcode⁠ feat. Alessa

Leading on from epic releases including ‘Firefly’ with Dash Berlin, ANG blasts back onto Revealed Recordings with Blackcode for a collaboration that gets to ‘Chasing Bliss’.

Taking an acoustic-leaning note thanks to guitar flecks that glimmer to initiate the release, the female topline flies into the stratosphere as far-reaching chords scale up alongside the beat. “Your demons tell you/ surrender now” acts as a standout line that sails above synths, simmering before evolving to cut with the precision of a knife, as blasts of electro then merge to create an onslaught of the senses. As big room takes the reigns with an evolving, adapting melody that permeates through the energy, get set for ANG and Blackcode to chase the bliss into Spring!

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