The Darkness

Sick Individuals


SICK INDIVIDUALS continue on to be one of the hottest double acts in electronic music today! From Revealed Recordings releases including the epic ‘Roots’, over to releases on Spinnin’ Records, the Dutch tag team are now back with a bang, ‘The Darkness’ being their latest colossal omission to get the dancefloor on fire!

“Light up the darkness!” spits a boisterous vocal, blistering through a production concoction of abrasive and jittering tempos that bring the big-room and electro worlds together. As the “In my head, in my mind, in my soul, I’m never gonna let you go” topline delivery is crystalline and unlike anything in the scene at the moment, deeper momentums of melody come through the track to weave in between progressive hints and pumping bass.

With recent plays across their catalogue from R3HAB, Afrojack, Lucas & Steve and more, make no mistake that ‘The Darkness’ is here to bring light to the dancefloor, when it is released this November only on Revealed Recordings!

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