Revealed Serum Alarms Vol. 1



Revealed Serum Alarms Vol. 1 marks a groundbreaking addition to the sound design landscape, offering a first-of-its-kind collection of 64 presets, designed to enhance the narrative impact in your music productions.

Whether you aim to create a scenario of tension, drama, awe, panic, intensity, urgency, invasion, nuclear fallout, mayhem, and more - these sounds serve as your essential toolkit. This collection not only enriches your musical storytelling but also provides a rich source of original sounds that inspire the creation of unique soundscapes.

Among every preset having modwheel assignments, each preset is programmed with all four macro controls - to give you quick and creative modulation options to personalize your own alarms just the way you want it!

With Revealed Serum Alarms Vol. 1, you'll have the source sounds to push beyond traditional boundaries and explore new territories in your productions.

Reveal Yourself.

64 presets
Core synthesizer patch mapping and programming
All presets assigned intuitive modwheel parameters
All presets assigned all four macro controls for easy tweaking and multiple sound variations

Preset format(s): .fxp
Note: Presets Require Full Retail Version of Xfer Record’s Serum version v1.368 or later
Approx. 54.6MB installed / Approx. 51MB compressed .zip download

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