Orjan Nilsen


Orjan Nilsen known for his resounding productions on the likes of Armada, now links up with Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings with the sensational ‘Trippin’, out this February!

With a grandiose, otherworldly introduction that is as cinematic as it is energetic, it’s a bold take on an intergalactic strain of high-speed big-room. Merging trance-like sensibilities of build-ups that ignite a hands-in-the-air euphoria, a hyperactive vocal emerging out of the madness to declare “Oh shit, I’m trippin’!” draws in on the listeners’ attention. Grabbing you back again with both hands for a white-knuckle ride of glitching, pummeling beats and glitching syntlines, its an onslaught for the senses that leans into an appealing, fast-paced techno sound, laced with the accessibility of mainstage-ready mayhem.

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